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GX Energie is a renewable energy technology and project development company focused on developing and implementing renewable energy projects and clean technology in developing countries in industrial applications.  


Our renewable energy technologies and solutions are focused on providing offgrid power solutions to industrial operations. Our renewable energy technologies:


- are modular in design and and can be rapidly implemented


- have been developed by renewable energy experts


 - can be applied to small, medium and large scale applications.


Our target clients are companies with industrial operations, such as mining or smelting operations, shopping centers or housing projects that are seeking offgrid power solutions using renewable energy technologies. In the 21st century, current operations and new project are increasingly reliant on the provision of reliable offgrid power with the increasing challenges presented by traditional fossil fuel based resources and utilities.   


GX Energie has particular experience in developing and implementing renewable energy technologies in developing countries in industrial applications. 


Our approach is addressed to the specific power requirements of our clients and includes: 


  1. Scoping of the energy requirements
  2. Analysing the renewable energy resources available
  3. Selecting the renewable energy technology
  4. Permitting and contracting
  5. Selecting funding mechanisims
  6. Construction and plant installation  
  7. Connection of the plant to the grid 


GX Energie has strong links to the mining and energy sector, finance providers and diverse clean tech innovators and tertiary institutions in Germany and South Africa.


Please contact us if you are seeking a renewable energy solution.

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