Green Energy Solutions
Green Energy Solutions 

Solar Hybrid Power Plant

Traditional Energy System 

The traditional energy system uses fossil fuel based sources to power industry. Traditional energy systems are characterized by:

  • High cost of electricity
  • Instability of energy supply
  • High costs for diesel fuel
  • Delivery and import dependence
  • High maintenance cost
  • Ecological impact  

Solar Hybrid Energy System

The Solar Hybrid System (SHS) integrates into a traditional fossil fuel based energy system. The Solar Hybrid System consists of:


  • A Solar Plant
  • A Control and Intergration System
  • A Monitoring System 


The Solar Hybrid System is modular in design and can be implemented easily in a plug and play manner. The system is scalable without power limitation and provides a reliable and sustainable power supply, and guarantees long-term energy cost minimization. The system is compatible with all generator manufacturers. The system has a lifetime of + 20 years.


Benefits of the Solar Hybrid System

  • Reduction of energy costs and diesel fuel consumption
  • Reduced OPEX & generator runtime
  • Very competitive source of electricity
  • Short payback periods - 3 - 5 years
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Reduced dependency on diesel fuel
  • Green attributes
  • Increases social acceptance

                                     Applications and Case Studies


Mining operations in remore areas


Case: Mine - Iron Ore

  • System: 2.8 MW PV capacity
  • Fuel reduction 1,300,000 Liter/year
  • CO2 Reduction: 3,180,000 kg/year





Shopping Centre

Retail parks


Case: Shopping centre using generators 

  • System: 1.2 MW PV capacity
  • Fuel reduction 520,000 Liter/year
  • CO2 Reduction: 1,270,000 kg/year


Heavy industrial sites  


Case: Oil refinery    

  • System: 250 kW PV capacity
  • Fuel reduction: 117,000 Litres/day
  • CO2  reduction: 290,000 kg/year






Holiday resort  


Case: Remote island resort

  • System: 250 kW PV capacity
  • Fuel reduction: 120,000 Litres/day
  • CO2  reduction: 295,000 kg/year


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