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Solar Tracker System

The Solar Tracker System is the next generation of solar technology which maximizes power generation utilizing the sun. The System generates higher energy yield than conventional ground mounted solar systems. The Tracker System developed in Germany by Ideematec and implemented by GX Energie at mines, generates maximum power during the day in arid conditions by following the sun.


Every System component of the Solar Tracker System has been tested and installed many times over. Nearly 28,000 systems have been installed across the globe. The solar tracking system consists out of tracker-tables linked to each other by a drive shaft running in parallel to the panel area. Each row of up to six tables is driven independently by a drive unit located at the central table of the tracker. An innovative system of steel ropes, linking each foundation post to the panel array, enables the torque to be applied uniformly and continuously. The system can be installed in diverse topographies in a fast and efficient manner.




  • The Solar Tracker System generates 25% more energy that an conventional solar system.
  • Can be scaled from 12 KW to 100 MW in a modular plug and play approach.
  • Ideally suited for large scale industrial apllications such as mines oand remote operations.
  • Can be installed in diverse topographies in a fast and efficient manner.
  • Maximises solar energy production and green footprint of operations.
  • Extensive reductiuons in CO2 emissions for industry. 



  • The Solar Tracker System is ideally suiited for new mining and industrial operations that require extensive power for the operations, but cannot rely on utilities providing power on time.The system can be scaled to 100 MW, pending requirements, generating daytime power for energy intensive industrial processes.  
  • The Solar Tracker System is also suited for grid-tied Independent Power Producers intending to maximize green energy production capacity.
  • The Solar Tracker System can be integrated into fossil fuel based enery systems. 



Case Studies

12 kW Solar Tracker Pilot Plant

8 MW Solar Tracker - East Africa

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